Lubaco of Terracruda

The sumptuous aleatico of the Marches

We continue our journey among the Oenological Excellencies of Italy with a wine coming from the Pesarese. The Terracruda Winery presents a label produced by the Aleatico grape (better known in these parts as Pergola). Today
we return to a company already known to us, Cantina Terracruda di Luca avenanti to taste a wine linked to the territorial tradition of a wine-growing region of rich enoic wonders. In the
ancient city of Pergola the homonymous Vine represented a progenitor of the present Aleatico. The vine is ecclectic, so that its cultivation in addition to the Etruscan time, is versatile for any latitude. This makes it particularly resistant to any climatic conditions; However, it expresses its best characteristics only in detrminate zones and in particularly favourable conditions of our peninsula. The pedoclimatic environment of the land owned by the winery today, guarantees very high quality standards useful to obtain a product recognized and emblazoned in the best international fairs. The
goblet presents a vivid red colour that turns, with certain shades of light, almost to blue; Its consistency is wonderful, but what is surprising in a predominant way is the aroma that it emits during the olfactory exam. A long spiced persistence, toasted, with rounded toes of an infinity aroma. Imposing veils of ripe fruit and red flowers caress the walls of our goblet. In
the mouth there are strong fruity and floral emotions; Around there are sharp spices, long, decisive, almost toasted with warm and outgoing hints. A vortex of sensations and an amazing length for a label matched with a game plate that enhances its qualities. Terracruda is
an emblaroned company that emphasizes the local ampelographical character and seeks to enhance the territory of our country for the internationalization of Made in Italy.




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