The sensory experience of an indigenous vine of Abruzzo

Century IX, from the acute landscapes of the Abruzzesi Mountains, to the Adriatic coast.

Symbiosis with the Earth, water, sun, and the relationship between nature and man are the main values of a company that was born near the abbey of San Clemente, which around the year 900 A.D. He controlled the whole territory. An abbey that represented the identity of a territory and the identity of the inhabitants of that area since the time of Louis II, great-grandson of Charlemagne. From these lands, native vines are born and grow and we have the pleasure to sponsor. A work of dedication on the part of a winemaker who loves the values and traditions of Abruzzo. Today we start with a vine emblem of the Panorama ampelographic Abruzzo: The Montepulciano of Abruzzo. This wine preserves the love for one's own land in the bottle. A wine impetuous in the sense of smell and taste, fills the taster with emotions. Every single drop that pervades our palate takes possession of our sensations. The fruity is singular, with bitter peaks of the fruit just overripe with plum or cherry. A slight undergrowth foretells a feeble spicy. Soft with a frivolous and light acidity, it spreads to the palate with persistence. A sip is not enough to soothe the desire to be submerged by pleasant sensations, the sense of belonging to the values of home, the feelings of the family and the depth of roots that want to convey love to the future. The spicy finale embraces every single retro-olfactory sensation; A mature floral satiates the palate with an austere finale of violets, red roses, iris. Abruzzo is the birthplace of an important company, which works with dedication and passion, but above all it manages to convey feelings and empathy to the new generations; Values that the world of work often forgets inexorably.

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Montepulciano D'Abruzzo-century IX

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