6 de 7, for us is 10 and praise

The garage wine of the province of Toledo 6 de 7 is a wine that preserves an absolute austerity. Deep to the taste, of an excellent softness, with a bitter touch at the bottom of the taste buds. The sound of the smells succeeds in giving a fabulous wind of emotions, from delicate astringency to an acute softness. We are back in the province of Toledo, in a small town where our producers of garage wine sin primarily occupy the nature and its preservation. The idea of starting to produce wine was born, at the beginning, as a natural consequence of a family tradition. Zero herbicides, zero weed killers, zero external chemical agents and above all zero sulphites. A production limited to a few hundred bottles from a vineyard of about 50 years. The vine is the Cencibel, a native Spanish Vine, famous for its resistance to the Aridocultura. The nose looks youthful and sober, almost jaunty, a beautiful and good deception for the palate of the most experienced taster. At the first sip the sensation is completely opposite. A stream of persistent flavors awaken sensations that are particularly daring, almost surprising. The wine already has its experience and maturity: almost overripe fruit, a long spicy, almost slightly spicy, a pinwheel of flavoring a little ' damp, a little ' undergrowth, alternating flowers and fruit with red flesh. Soft and long at the same time, with a very gentle background acidity, almost to want to stop the fruity and floral asces of the SIP. The artisan wine is the future of the world wine. The times will come back when our palates will begin to appreciate and sponsor the wines, fruit of the work of Man and the ambientin synergy between them. In order to be sustainable and to ensure a better world for our children, we must rethink our productive style. We invite readers to contact us at the e-mail address info@ilpizzicodelgallo.it to have the wine tasting card just described

6 de 7-Anjejo & Toledo

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