Antiochus casula, Cannonau and poetic inspiration

Bonamici's Estate inspires the poetry of the oenological territory with an almost humble fraternal voice, the Sardinian poet spoke to the families of barbagia of the peasant everyday life of the Past. The simplicity of the life of the time is reflected in his words almost to want to highlight the dilation of the days spent in the shade of a fig to sip an excellent wine of the Place. Agresti poems that put on display the village reality of a particularly sad period with its apical outfit in the first great war. He has narrated of his life and that of his countryman with a simple sharpness that, in great solitude armed with deep sadness and nostalgia for the time spent inexorable, led him to a happy ending. montanaru, so he called himself; thus, our winemaker, has decided to dedicate to this famous Sardinian poet his label. A fulgid wine and essential almost like the tales of the poet Montanaru. An austere and contemptuous wine, strong of the vigorous armor of a young tannin. Pleasant fruity scents, Long spicy notes, young people chase each other like children in The Hague in the carefree way of their boyhood. A soft tone, almost impereable, lurks for a short time on the Palate. The Retronasali streets are full of sensations and scents that are dancing. A rich dish of stewed pork collects all the contrasts of our tailer. An emerging and niche label; A particular wine like the territory of provenance, rich of mystery, of naturalness, of Passions. Montanaru would be proud of this Dedication. He has collected the simple message of tradition that confronts the time that flows and the modernity that advances, just like our winemaker of the Bonamici Estates.

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