The heroic Paul, the story, his wine

Life of a vine grower, tailor of the Oriental hills to cultivate on this handkerchief of land must be true craftsmen. The prominent hills the sea and behind the Alps are a difficult ground for the farmer. The man shaped the outline of the hills; As a true tailor has managed to make this strip of land effective even for the crops. Our tailor is called Paolo Rodaro, now a guest of our address book. Once the harvest was a family thing. We met, we worked together until the early hours of dawn, they shared all the moments of the day, including the meal of Mezzodì. He would return to work until the light had vanished completely and his eyes could no longer recognize the bunch of grapes at dusk. Today the wine is fashionable. We do not like this; So we continue those family traditions that keep the values anchored to this beloved land. The Friulano wine tasting belongs to the line "flower label" which symbolizes this relationship man-nature fundamental, today undermined by the evolution of unbridled consumerism. This indigenous grape of the Friuli region manages to roost in the goblet; To the sight a bright and jaunty golden; Lively and romantic in its evolving floral to the nose. Veed aroma, sensations of fresh grass, good flavor. In addition to the taste, a daring persistence is emitted, and a sensational freshness with pleasantly citrus returns. Against the logic of the market, against the massification of the concept of wine production, and especially against the mystifications, Paolo Rodaro is an intuitive and instinctive man. Pioneer of new paths, it is the emblem of a viticulture far from stereotypes, sincere in pleasure, aggregating in the spirit that favours the italianness, the craftsmanship and the naturalness. invite readers to contact us at the e-mail address to have the wine tasting card just described

Friulano-Paolo Rodaro


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