A wine that speaks also to the layers

Simplicity is the art of the serious craftsman when it comes to wines, they feed the most disparate clichés. Then Hyperbolas and anecdotes recall each other in the most heated discussions; Kind of like when two butterflies chase each other in the air. Some more imaginative, others dictated by the sensationalism of the mass-media, so the consumer loses the compass, and then the classic of the clichés is: everyone drinks what pleases them. For us it is not true: you have to look for wine as good as tasting today. Its craftsmanship is important, because it hides the essence of simplicity; Because nature is simple in its complexity of living organism. Today we have in tasting what means simplicity of a craftsman who transmits passion and courage in his products. A youthful mark, in a land often remembered for the "usual labels". The land of Asti has important blazons and emerge in the middle of the Giants is difficult for the small producer. This is the case of Emilio Vada that produces excellent wines, particular in the olfactory and gustative expressions, but above all produces the so-called good wine, outside the clichés. A large and sparkling floral bouquet is the omen that this wine will also indulge the most critical palate. Pink and violets just watered give off long hints. A veiled nod of red fruit, just ripe, ready to be eaten; Seasonal red fruit that sickthe taster. Good balance, acidity and freshness combined with a good softness for this young wine. The delicate tannin lays on a lingering reverb of raspberry. The good wine of the peasant, craftsman of nature, is the correct expression that embodies this product. A different and alternative Piedmontese wine, like the Italian ampelographic nature that everyone envied in the world. https://www.emiliovada.com/you invite readers to contact us at the e-mail address info@ilpizzicodelgallo.it to have the wine tasting card just described

Langhe Nebbiolo-Emilio Vada


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