Emotional wine of Calabria

Francesco Parrilla grower DOC This company conveys enthusiasm. The work is done with passion and sentiment; The values are transmitted by wine products that, like this beloved wine, arrive to touch the taste buds of the most skillful sommelier. Inside every single cup there is love for the history, the origins and the sacrifices of the winemaker and his family. A product of land jonica, of an area so dear to us. The color is alive. A full and shining yellow. Apparantly almost liquorous at sight, in his mouth transforms. His robes are gradually clearer after the first sip. A distinct acidity, a headstrong freshness of this almost stony, tufaceous Greek, with an excellent persistence. His balance distinctly hard, makes way for a slow sequence of memories. It looks like a dejavù. The emotion of living something that seems a memory, but instead leaving the doubt of its exclusivity, is accompanied by the sensory effluence of the goblet. The area of Cirò, forge of new and ancient agricultural productions, gives visitors new experiences. Here modernity is not served to supplant the traditions. The path is to accompany the new generations of producers, anchored to the local traditions, to new boundaries that the laws of the market dictate inexorably. The value of this company is to support the market, but with the attention to the quality of life, health, good taste and good drink. Www.tenutadelconte.it you invite readers to contact us at the e-mail address info@ilpizzicodelgallo.it to have the wine tasting card just described

Greek-estate count-Cirò (KR)



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