Brujidera of Toledo

A garagewine of Castile La Mancha The pinch of the Rooster lands abroad. We arrive in Spain in the agricultural territories of the grandiose Toledo to know a small producer of garagewine. His company produces only 3 labels. Each bottle is numbered with its own name, as if it were a child for our producer. The Brujidera is a native Spanish grape that has given birth to the most famous Tempranillo (Cencibel, NDR). Grape with a large berry, with a blue cobalt with purple tendencies. It expresses an excellent character, especially if vinified for the next cut with other vines. In this version is vinified in purity. The vibrant colour, with a light texture, with a fresh, spring floral bouquet. It hides a veiled spicy, never intrusive, even pleasant. A sharp palate with its well-defined hardness make it perceive a young, drinkable wine, suitable also for a hot or cold appetizer that has its own structure.

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Pizzico del Gallo lands in Spain. Llegamos a España en los territories agrícolas del Gran Toledo para encontrarnos with a dog Producor de garagewine. Su Compañía produces only 3 etiquetas. Fall Botel is numerada with on its own Nombre, Como is fuera a Niño para nuestro Producor. The Brujidera es a native cepa española que dio origen to the famous Tempranillo más (Cencibel, ed). Variedad de UVa with a large baya, with a cobalt-colored azul with Tendencias Moradas. Expresa a Buen Carácter, especially you are Vinificado para el Próximo corte with Otras Vides. En esta versión, you are vinificado en pureza. El bright Color, de consistencia ligera, with a fresh floral branch of spring. Hidden a velado, intrusive nunca, including agradable. A Paladar Agudo with a dureza bien definida lo hace to eat a wine joven y table, También adecuado para an aperitif caliente or Frío que held on its own.

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