The Baroque of Bonarda

A complex croata of the Pavese. Perego & Perego is a winery that believes in the great tradition of Italian products. Immersed in a hilly landscape among the most evocative, in Rovescala, the last ridge of Terra Lombarda where the vineyards are cultivated and produces unique and valuable wines, typical of the territory. Innovation and tradition are the key words of this company. Choice of agronomic practices linked to the memories of the ancient farmers, green, mulching, manual harvesting, "zero sulphites", together with the accurate and complex study of the equipment and the studies done in agreement with the scientific institutes of the place, are the Perfect combination for these productions. Bacchus here is at home. A combination of past and future, between history and tradition, together with passion and wisely, are the right ingredients for the best possible result. In This company there is the motto: "Little but good". For this, the manual selection of the grapes is very strict and severe. The Croata is a very used grape in this part of territory because it allows to produce light and drinkable wines, agile to the palate and safe in the combinations. The baroque label we have combined with a plate of white meat, cooked on a velvety asparagus with soy sauce and turmeric. A well-structured and flavored dish that we thought to exalt the drinkability of an averagely structured and light wine, with hints of spicy and delicate. An artistic return of floral notes accompanied the dinner and its "surroundings" in the chatter.

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