The Natural

Cecilia Locapo and Vito Calia propose a new experience as you know, in life you need to risk if you want to try to compete with new challenges. Life is a unique experience from which it is necessary to learn the best of teaching. Cecilia Locapo's company was born from an agricultural tradition that has been handed down for generations. She and Vito (her husband) have started an important path, the result of sacrifices and choices that have revolutionized their lives. The courage and passion accompany them in everyday life made of love for their history and the desire to change their future. This label is the watershed between the experience of tradition and the gamble towards an uncertain future. A "zero sulphites" wine of the Alta Murgia that wants to break the wall of sound, like a plane that, strong of its performance, launches towards an uncertain voyage. The alcoholic degree is voluminous, 17%. On the other hand you know, when you let nature be done, man can only put himself there to enhance it. We do not impress ourselves by the number, however, we willingly embrace the cunning softness and the fearless lightness of this nectar. For lovers of traditional wines, now called natural-almost of it-this is a product that exalts their pleasure to the palate. Velvety texture, fruity nose that recalls flavors of quince and figs, soft palate with a touch of a bit ' spicy ' of those who, by nature, is never domo. It is said that in the life "who does not venture not gained", this wine is the example of an experiment that, in time, can surely give other excellent and beautiful results. You invite readers to contact us at the email address to have the wine tasting card just described

Primitive Zero sulphites-estates of the walls

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