Sicily, warm spring for a wonderful vintage

Nero D'avola soft and youthful the wine we will talk about today is a special production of the Marine cellars of Camporeale. It is obtained by vinification of Nero d'avola grapes in purity with a slight passage in French oak barriques. The balance that infuses wood while drinking, leaves you surprised. Its austerity has allowed us to combine this wine with a plate of roast with red sauce with tomato, basil and marjoram. A very dense sauce for a particularly tasty dish of meat. The meat was softened by a maceration with oil and salt and then quickly passed into boiling butter. Then a long maceration in the sauce and then served for this succulent combination. The wine is a ruby red color very intense and lively. A youthful colour accompanies us to some very clear and well defined floral and spicy hints. The fruity is always very lit, a wine of Sicily, surrounded by the sea, sun and wind clings to our papillae pleasantly. It is undoubtedly herbaceous, spicy, with floral notes that reverberate in space and time for a medium lasting persistence. The degree of alcohol is contained. The sun has not yet set, the air becomes slightly cooler. It's nice to stay at the table after dinner. It tells of the life, the Pleasures and Sorrows, the past Tmpo and the future projects. Of dreams vanished and those to want to achieve. The sun is now weak, almost gone, but it is strong to remember a moment of thoughtlessness shared with friends, at the table, at dinner.

is Anu ' Il-Terre Sicilian IGT-Marino wines


Taster name wine temperature room temperature The pinch 16 °c 22 ° C category wine date red                                            05.04.2018 Name Wine alcoholic strength Vintage is ANU ' 13.5% 2015 Sicilian lands IGT

Visual Exam Clear Clarity
Ruby Red
ABB Texture/effervescence. Consistent
Olfactory exam Intense enough intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, toasted (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: cherry, berries, peony, violets, violets, black pepper, leather).
Taste-Olfactory exam Dry sugar Structure or body  Pretty fresh acids  
Alcohols quite warm Quite tannic tannins
Soft alcohol Abb. Savory Mineral substances
Fairly balanced balance
Intense enough intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final considerations Evolutionary state ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Combinations I recommend to combine this wine with a second dish of meat particularly structured structured with excellent doses of varied spices.
Rating 85


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