Malviya: Because we like it wild

The bubble approaches the palate of the young and the less young a bull of Puglia very eager to get drunk. The eye-catching colour of the best Franciacorta. The long flavor, the baked bread, the colour of the dawn, the fresh wind on the skin and the eyes of those who have not yet gone to bed. The unbridled buzz of night is accompanied by a very ingenious beverage. A brand and a captivating distribution. A simple and genuine product. Elegant and desirable, these are the adjectives that we believe are the most pressing for this label. The family of Benedict, already a guest of our column, has managed to enter the families and hearts of those who love drinking well, who cares about the quality of our products, unpretentious, but elegant. Their wild Malviya is a munnifica and zealous label in its particular refinement. It is allowed to the palate particularly accustomed to the delicate drink. A gentle bubble for the accompaniment of aperitifs and first courses not particularly structured. A touch of fragrance, consistent, pleasant, at times more cool strokes. A delicate nose, a light and round taste, of structure but slender. As the evening comes to an end, a sinuous gust of wind Raffreda the backs of the diners. A shiver reminds us that the moment of duty has come; A thrill already reminds us of the wonderful evening spent together, a greeting and a short thought to the day spent.

  Malviya-Salento IGP-the archetype name Taster wine temperature ambient temperature pinch 6 °c 22 °c wine category                                   Date white 15.03.2018 name wine alcoholic strength Vintage Malviya Wild 10% + 3.5% 2015 Salet o PGI Vintage

Visual Exam Brilliant clarity
Soft pink colour (with onion reflections)
Effervescanza texture/effervescence with large, fine and persistent grain
Olfactory exam Intense enough intensity
Complex complexity enough
Fine Quality
Description fragrant fruity, floral, spicy, toasted (bread crust, yeasts, biscuits, soft notes of white-fleshed fruits and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence Rosa Canina, Rosa).
Taste-Olfactory exam Sweet Sugars Structure or body   Fresh acids  
ABB Alcohols. Hot   —-tannins
Polyalcohols ABB. Soft Pretty savory mineral substances
Fairly balanced balance
Intense enough intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final considerations Evolutionary state ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Combinations I recommend to combine this wine with an average structured fish preparation.  
Rating 84


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