Lilith, Spirit of the Night: Myth and Legend

Between astrology, theology and fantasy: Lilith who refused to pander to the rules, she who rejected the role of lover, wife (perhaps sacrificed), the one who unaware of what would happen, in his desire not to pander to the Convention, was accused Of treason, she was offended, she was ousted. Considered a vile, undignified being, removed from all and all, wandered aimlessly in the vain hope that his present would improve. Lilith, apart from the metaphors and allegories with which was thought the name of Fantasia of the label of Wines of Maurizio Marconi, is a blend of Pecorinoe verdicchio. A young, rakish, modern wine. A visual spectrum shining, shining, lively, with very captivating shades. The wine of the millenials, aperitif but not too much. Able to adapt even to some more challenging appetizer. The important message that is received is that behind the simplicity of a label, there is a very important productive work, which has put to fruit its experience and its zeal, coupled with the young and certain women of which it surrounds, to propose an interesting blend. The wine has a lively colour, perfumes that exalt the desire of spring, fresh, sometimes pungent, sometimes soft. Fresh almonds, walnut, white flowers, citric scents, sfalciate herbs, freshness. A good acidity, a touch of flavor, but above all an alcoholic content that delivers to this wine the finle touch of youth. It is a wine to be consumed with a good aperitif made from fish on the beach, with friends, a bonfire and a guitar. The rough sea and the wind that accompanies Lilith's sweet ringlets towards her best present.

Lilith-Marconi Vini name Taster wine temperature ambient temperature The pinch 10 °c 24 ° C wine category                                   Date white 08.03.2018 name wine alcoholic title Vintage Lilith 13.5% 2014  

Visual Exam Crystalline clarity
Straw yellow color
ABB Texture/effervescence. Consistent
Olfactory exam Intense enough intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Floral, floral, herbaceous, mineral description (intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: jasmine, Lily, broom, white hornbeam; soft notes of white-fleshed fruits with preponderant hints citrus white peach, green apple, fresh Rmandorle, Walnut-tree, mowing of hay).
Taste-Olfactory exam Dry sugar Structure or body   Fresh acids  
Alcohols quite warm   —-tannins
Polyalcohols ABB. Soft Pretty savory mineral substances
Fairly balanced balance
Intense enough intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final considerations Evolutionary state ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Combinations I recommend to combine this wine with a preparation of fish.  
Rating 85


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