Cut Bordeaux, Collerosso

Castello Poggiarello, Siena nobles and rulers have ruled the walls of this famous castle in the province of Siena. The architect, who is attributed to the work of this noble residence, belonged to the Chigi family, and a famous chapel was dedicated to St. Augustine, the homonymous descendant of the Chigi. If it were not for the hills that adorn the sienese landscape of the countryside of Sovicille, the medieval buildings seem to lead to the famous villas of the French Medoc. The wine tasting bottle is a classic Bordeaux cut produced on the Tuscan Galestro, Collerosso. A wine of particular gloss, from international vines, which already in phase of glass gives an elegant visual splendor. An intensity, a tonality and a very interesting vivacity, so as to give to the sight a splendid chalice, austere and particularly inviting. The complex of scents, floral, herbaceous, fruity, spicy, are articulated between a green tomato, a smell of boxwood, almost of humid undergrowth. A light and veiled touch of black pepper, a little coriander, parsley. We tasted the wine with a chianina steak. The regional pairing was perfect. A special wedding between two Tuscan typicalities. The astringency of Vivid tannin, as opposed to the greasy of the dish; A good acidity contrasted with the corpulenty fat of the dish, they favored emotions and thoughts of the dinner. Collerosso is an imposing label. An important wine, a unique occasion. A French blend, optimally transplanted in the Sienese hills. Collerosso represents the whole of the diversity, the adaptability and the typicality of men and cultures in time and space.

Collerosso-Toscana Igt-Poggiarello Castle

Taster name wine temperature ambient temperature The pinch 17 °c 22 ° C category wine date red                                            25.02.2018 Name Wine alcoholic strength Vintage Collerosso 13.5% 2012 Toscana IGT

Visual Exam Clear Clarity
Ruby red color with garnet reflections
ABB Texture/effervescence. Consistent
Olfactory exam Intense intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, toasted (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: sour cherries, berries, strawberries, morello cherry, cloves, peony, violets, violets, black pepper, leather).
Taste-Olfactory exam Dry sugar Structure or body   Fresh acids  
Alcohols quite warm tannic tannins
Polyalcohols Soft Enough Abb. Savory Mineral substances
Fairly balanced balance
Intense intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final considerations Evolutionary state ready
Harmonic Harmony
Pairings I recommend to match this wine to a second dish of medium structured meat
Rating 92


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