Lilliu a Confirmation

It is not necessary to look for confirmations, this is the true viticulture of quality today we return to a company our friend. A company that makes quality its most beloved confidant. Yes, this company manages to translate the quality and seriousness of the principles of good production into products that exalt the healthy aspect of food production for man. Today we often debate the big brands, the protection of our legislator in relation to the dynamics of the market (by now the made in Italy is prey to the multinationals Asian and not), on the importance of quality; However, there are few companies that are able to translate these healthy principles into something serious, durable and forward-looking. Lilliu is born in a territory dear to many Italians, Sardinia. An island of many facets, with a thousand virtues, an island often forgotten, but that can give something sincere and true and that exalts our italianness. Mendula is an exemplary label because it is the synthesis of the taste and smell of a true wine. Essential since the first glass, the taste notes are long. They cling to the taste buds in a pleasant swirl accompanied by a yellow velvet. Acidic and soft enough, the wine rests on the petals of flowers apparently, perhaps a moment distracted by the cold winter blanket, it manages to heat the heart of the most distracted taster. Do not be fooled by the ready Bev, because he reveals himself more in time. It evokes memories of the life spent, of a fireplace and of a light lit, dim and perhaps faint in front of the change of the Times. However, the authoritativeness that he imprints is remarkable, almost the source of a hidden, latent and sometimes subdued pleasure of the most attentive taster. If you want to accompany your meals with a wine of the Lilliu winery, always remember that he will not betray your emotions, and indeed try to exalt to leave an indelible trace of an evocative memory of your life spent. It is not a wine that follows the banality, it is a wine to be valued, like our Made in Italy.

Mendula. Malvasia di Cagliari-Lilliu Winery


Taster name wine temperature room temperature The pinch 11 °c 24 ° C Wine category White date                                            05.01.2018 Name Wine alcoholic strength Vintage Mendula 13% 2013 Malvasia di Cagliari  

Visual Exam Crystalline clarity
ABB Texture/effervescence. Consistent
Olfactory exam Intense intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, toasted (soft notes of white-fleshed fruits with preponderant hints of toasting and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: exotic fruits, ripe yellow apple, jasmine, lily, broom, white hornbeam, Roasted almonds and hazelnuts).
Taste-Olfactory exam Dry sugar Structure or body   Pretty fresh acids  
ABB Alcohols. Hot   —-tannins
Soft alcohol Pretty savory mineral substances
Fairly balanced balance
Intense intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final considerations Evolutionary state ready
Harmonic Harmony
Pairings I recommend to combine this wine with a preparation of fish
Rating 89

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