Emotion in "primitive"

Colli Liburnians presents the label emotion primitive version The imaginative labels of the company Colli Liburnians are evocative. Cheerful, carefree, sunny, typical traits of a grape of southern Italy. An emotion that the newly untapped bottle releases immediately. The company rises on a strategic territory, loved by a multitude of indigenous and alien people who, in these areas, and in various historical epochs, have elected it as their home and their main dwelling. Greeks, Romans, Normans, Byzantines, Lombards, Saracens, Swabians, Angevin, Aragonese, bourbon etc. that have left indelible traces of their presence that we partly find in the history, culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this area. The Primitivo of the Cantina Colli Liburnians, a newborn company from northern Puglia, is an emotional wine. It manages to season the luxurious lunches because it is an austere wine and full of charisma. On the nose the fruity and floral notes are Indentificano in Uelle typical of the Apulian grape variety: cherry, cherries, violets, peonies, Red Rose. An amalgam of excellent sensations open at the time of the taste-olfactory examination. The body is typical of the wine daa Primitivo grape. Good structure and acidity in the norm. The pairing was simple; The aim was to emphasize the dish and the wine looking for the excellent balance between them. Black pepper beef steak with cardoncelli mushroom sauce. A classic combination of late autumn with traditional Apulian dishes. http://www.colliliburni.it/

Emotion-Primitivo Puglia IGP-Colli Liburnians


Name Taster temperature wine ambient temperature The pinch 18 °c 22 °c category Wine Red Date                                            12.12.2017 Wine name Alcoholic strength Vintage Emotion 14% 2016 Primitivo Puglia IGP

Visual examination Clear Clarity
Ruby red color
Consistency/effervescence ABB. Consistent
Olfactory examination Intensity quite intense
Complexity quite complex
Pretty Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: cherry, morello, cloves, peony, violets, violets).
Taste-Olfactory examination Dried sugars Structure or body    Pretty cool acids  
Alcohols quite hot   Quite tannic tannins
Soft enough polyalcohols Abb. Sapid Mineral substances
Balanced balance
Intensity quite intense
Persistence quite persistent
Pretty Fine Quality
Final remarks Evolutionary state ready
Harmonious enough harmony
Pairing advice to match this wine to a second dish medium structured like the one in tasting.
Rating 81

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