Dodecapolis, "Religious Center" of the Primitive

The 12 Cities nerve center of the primitive the fancy name of the label in tasting today refers to a "dodecapolis". The area of the primitive is a Dodecapolis-scrictu sensu-since it represents a nerve center, almost religious, around which is born and grows one of the vines-emblem of the region Puglia. The wine in tasting belongs to the company of Luca Abiodun. Although it is a company born recently, its owner, strong of its 17 years of experience matured since a young age, has transferred a high added value to its most important products. The label in tasting mentions the 12 cities-cultural and religious symbol of an ancient land-the ionic area Tarantina; As in Greece, in Turkey, or elsewhere, we transpose this cultural image, also called by Herodotus in his writings, to make it available to the world of oenology. The wine is presented with a beautiful ruby red colour tending to garnet. Good consistency to the chalice; It expresses an excellent olfactory and taste-olfactory range. The fruity tones typical of the Apulian autochthonous Vine, together with the floral notes full of taste, are accompanied by a profound complexity in the facets of spices and roasting of black pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, as well as the veiled hints of drupes Bitter. The wine has an unmatched alcohol the dish in combination has been prepared with particularly evident spices. The fried mushrooms with a sprinkling of black pepper, the chicken alla cacciatora with a touch of black truffle, have contrasted the wine in tasting. For our readers, we anticipate that the company of Luca Abiodun has just finished bottling the vintage 2017. We do not anticipate anything yet, however we feel to highlight that the quality will definitely be exclusive.

  Name Taster temperature wine ambient temperature The pinch 18 °c 22 °c category Wine Red Date                                            15.11.2017 Wine name Alcoholic strength Vintage Dodecapolis 17% 2016 Primitivo Salento IGP

Visual examination Clear Clarity
Ruby red colour with garnet reflections
Consistency/effervescence ABB. Consistent
Olfactory examination Intense intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Fruity description, floral, spicy, toasted (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: sour cherry, berries, strawberry jam, morello, cloves, peony, violets, violets, black pepper, leather, various Roasting).
Taste-Olfactory examination Dried sugars Structure or body  Pretty cool acids  
Hot alcohols Quite tannic tannins
Soft Polyalcohols Abb. Sapid Mineral substances
Balance fairly balanced
Intense intensity
Persistent persistence
Fine Quality
Final remarks Evolutionary state ready
Harmonic Harmony
Combinations I recommend to combine this wine with a second dish of meat particularly structured with excellent doses of varied spices.
Rating 86

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