Fucaraz, minimal wine of Tarantino

Minimal art aimed at eliminating "non-essential". The essential is the view, the taste, the smell. For a sommelier could be a limit. In fact it is not so, because with these characteristics you can discern on the territory, the grape variety, the traditions and cultures, the sacrifices of a family. In short, the Fucaraz is a Minimal Wine according to the definition of Richard Wollheim. Something that does not need frills, because it already has everything. Minimalism, often seen in a negative sense, actually preserves in itself that valuable panorama of essential things, those that make us feel good, the one that creates relationships with high ovaloriale content. All the rest are frills that everyone can definitely do without. Wine tasting is not frugal, not discounted. It preserves all the "minimal" for diners accustomed to the simple life. Its richness is fundamental in its main characteristics. Fruity and floral in its immediacy. The light hints of cherry jam open the dances to a velvety carpet of almost dry season flowers, the violets, the violets and the peonies among all. The dish in combination is a homemade roast beef. The meat is garnished with very pleasant semi-seasoned cheeses. The typical apulians are not lacking, inftti as a boundary were served of the Cardoncelli mushrooms typical of the Murgese plateau. A slight spiciness of the plate is overstated by the softness of the young wine. The contrast is perfect. Lama di Rose is a constantly evolving and growing company. The fruits of the work of the winemakers of this little paradise at the gates of Taranto are evident. We make our best in the mouth of the wolf for the future. Http://www.lamadirose.it/index.php/it/i-nostri-prodotti/fucaraz

  Fucaraz-Primitivo Salento Igt-Lama di Rose [/caption] name Taster temperature Wine room temperature The pinch 18 °c 22 °c category wine                                   Date Red 15.11.2017 wine name alcoholic strength Vintage Fucaraz 14%                                        2015 Primitivo Salento IGT

Visual examination Clear Clarity
Ruby red colour with garnet reflections
Consistency/effervescence ABB. Consistent
Olfactory examination Intensity quite intense
Complexity quite complex
Pretty Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: cherry, morello, cloves, peony, violets, violets).
Taste-Olfactory examination Dried sugars Structure or body   Pretty cool acids  
Alcohols quite hot   Quite tannic tannins
Soft enough polyalcohols Abb. Sapid Mineral substances
Balanced balance
Intensity quite intense
Persistence quite persistent
Pretty Fine Quality
Final remarks Evolutionary state ready
Harmonious enough harmony
Pairing advice to match this wine to a second dish medium structured like the one in tasting
Rating 82

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