Sumptuous to say the least….. Sicilian Syrah

The infinite smell of a wine of the South the label in Tasting is a Syrah of Sicily of the Cantina Marino di Camporeale in the province of Palermo. This is a land for wines of a certain prestige. It is certainly a land that has given birth to particularly important bottles. We at the pinch of the Rooster did not miss a similar occasion. Always looking for niche productions, quality we have compiled this review in order to give ample disclosure of a wine that deserves to be drunk. The color is a ruby red with garnet reflections. The bottle is 2015. The impressive characteristic of this wine is the olfactory manifestation that determines a remarkable emotional load for the taster. The wine is very intense and has a particularly exceptional complexity. The grape variety certainly promotes these qualities; However, we would like to point out that the productive choices of our winemaker, such as the manual selection of the grapes with a level of almost manic accuracy, gives the results of a certain qualitative level. This premise introduces us to the olfactory complexity of this wine: in addition to the floral and fruity notes typical of a grape with a black berry (peonies, violets, red gerberas, violets, morello cherries, cherry, sour black), the smell opens to the sensations of aromatic herbs, Spicy, roasted of particular sharpness. This characteristic leaves us pleasantly surprised. In the data sheet the reader will find the olfactory aromas identified during the tasting. In conclusion, we want to give general indications related to the autochthonous French grape, the Syrah from which the "sumptuous" bottle of the marine company of Camporeale is born. Syrah is an international grape variety of uncertain origins; However, didactically it is necessary to say that it comes from the valley of the French Rhone. This grape variety has received particular production mentions also in other regions of the world, including Italy and Australia. sumptuous-Terre Sicilian IGT-Marino Vini [/caption] name Taster temperature Wine room temperature the pinch                                             17 °c 22 °c category Wine date Red 12 name wine alcoholic strength Vintage sumptuous                                             13.5% 2015 Terre Sicilian IGT 

Visual examination Clear Clarity
Ruby red colour with garnet reflections
Consistency/effervescence ABB. Consistent
Olfactory examination Intense intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, toasted, aromatic herbs (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: sour cherry, morello cherries, cherry, cloves, peony, violets, violets, black pepper, green tea, sage, vanilla, Skins, undergrowth).
Taste-Olfactory examination Dried sugars Structure or body   Pretty cool acids  
Alcohols quite hot   Quite tannic tannins
Soft enough polyalcohols Abb. Sapid Mineral substances
Balanced balance
Intense intensity
Persistence quite persistent
Fine Quality
Final remarks Evolutionary state ready
Harmonic Harmony
Pairing advice to match this wine to a second medium-structured meat dish. We matched a chicken in jugged with red sauce of pretenders. 
Rating 92

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