From Gargano the black of Troy of the Cantine Lauder

The delicacy of a red and calcareous wine; Eternal and Sublime in the company the wine in the tasting is a black of Troy with special characteristics compared to the classic black Trojan of the captain. It's almost a displeasure to have to open a slutty black of 2016. However, we are aware that this bottle will surely evolve into the bottle for the Siccessivi 6-7 years. After an average oxygenation of about an hour, we tasted the wine that presents a particularly full and intense ruby red, with a consistency in the norm. The red wine is particularly spicy to the nose, with a spongy and delicate hint of roasting and a lively vinosity. This last feature is the apparent sengo that the bottle is young. Nevertheless, we continue to be able to perceive the particularly ripe floral and fruity hints. The fruit is particularly evident, with notes of jam in advance compared to the floral bouquet. To taste the wine is presented along, with a persistence accompanied by a slightly impetuous tannin and a deep acidity. The vivacity and energetic impetuosity of the young, of the scalp, make counterpart to a pleasant warmth of our dry wine. In the mouth There are many confirmations: The jams of sour cherry, the spicy tones that, like the Black Keys of the piano, are interspersed with the notes piaacevolmente fruity and ripe of its white keys. The final score could be much higher. But this will be the time devoted to refining to decide it. This wine makes barrique, its veiled spices are the confirmation that this grape has in itself the characteristics that make it austere, mature, versatile, grim like a real winemaker of captain. Today we have tasted the umpteenth confirmation of this innovative, young and well-established winery to which we make our best compliments. nero di Troia-Puglia IGP-Cantine Lauder


Name Taster temperature wine ambient temperature The pinch 17 °c 22 °c category Wine Red Date                                            11.11.2017 Wine name Alcoholic strength Vintage black of Troy 13.5% 2016 Puglia IGP

Visual examination Clear Clarity
Ruby red color
Consistency/effervescence ABB. Consistent
Olfactory examination Intense intensity
Complex complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, toasted (soft notes of fruits with red pulp and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: sour cherry, morello, cloves, peony, violets, violets, leather, leather, tobacco, with a slightly bitter scent).
Taste-Olfactory examination Dried sugars Structure or body     Fresh acids  
Alcohols quite hot    tannic tannins
Soft enough polyalcohols Abb. Sapid Mineral substances
Balance fairly balanced
Intense intensity
Persistent persistence
Fine Quality
Final remarks Evolutionary state ready
Harmonious enough harmony
Combinations I recommend to combine this wine with a second dish structured with meat even with important spices.
Rating 87

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