Bow and arrows in honor of Hercules

The myth of Philoctetes recounted in the evocation of mythical Cirò Sergio Arcuri Archer Philoctetes, we start our wine tasting of the Winery by Sergio Arcuri. We're back in the autumn, in one afternoon, a territory of Crotone where it looks like temperatures are prohibited. The Sun is still flourishing, the wind accompanies the walk. We venture into the territory of sacred Krimisa, famous for having been founded by Philoctetes, Archer wanted the gods Apollo and Hercules. His bow and arrows were donated by the latter to our hero who, during his exile on the island of Lemnos, use to feed themselves and to survive. Our hero was instrumental in the final remnants of the Trojan war. When, as posthumous manuscripts describe, thanks to a wooden horse you managed to conquer a city seemingly armored. Sergio Arcuri is our Archer. A vintner leaning to the recognition of the common good. a person adesa values, which now seem to have forgotten: he places humanity first. Sergio is a winemaker who cares about the welfare of the community, the commune, and his colleagues, local producers of the territory. His driving spirit, his enthusiasm and charisma are crucial aspects to this cohesive force that is capable of unleashing. The label is a wine tasting that leaves its mark. A pure gaglioppo of his beloved "reserve" of 2011. A wine ready to drink, olfactory intensity with a very sharp and return particularly persistent filling palate of emotions are clear and shiny. We opened the bottle about 3 hours before sampling. This choice turned out to be crucial; the wine he needed the right contact with oxygen to be able to express all its potential. This bottle of wine was paired with a pork stew. A small side dish of mushrooms and olives accompanied the main pietnza. The arrow of our Archer has caught on. He is protected by the gods. In fact, he was able to defeat most bitter wars, saving the most impregnable fortifications. more lives-Cirò Doc Riserva-Sergio Abdullahi name Taster temperature Wine room temperature the pinch                                             17 °c 26 °c category wine date red 25.10.2017 wine name alcoholic strength Vintage More Screw 14.5% 2011 Cirò DOC Riserva

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Ruby red with Garnet reflections
Consistency/Effervescence ABB. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intense Intensity
Complexity quite complex
Quality fine enough
Description fruity, floral, spicy (soft notes of red fruits and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: cherry, wild berries, cloves, black pepper, violet, Peony viole, leather).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body   cool enough Acids  
Hot alcohols Quite tannic Tannins
Polyols soft enough ABB. tangy mineral substances
Balance quite balanced
Intense intensity
Persistence persistent enough
Quality fine enough
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Suggest pairings match this wine with a main course of meat moderately structured
Score 85

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