With a stroke of Chakraborty, quality is served

Vernaccia di Pergola great local expression of the quality we are dealing with a chalice in his most remarkable innovative tradition. Retinue of Terracruda is a wine that has rediscovered the old traditions of the winery of Helsinki. What makes it especially curious at the sight of the most witty lovers of good wine is its color. A pink almost Claret slightly out of scale following the methodology AIS, but vaguely reminiscent of grapes by a preponderance of the pigments. Maceration is short, yet its particularity is the light load almost similar to sunset; an auspicious color. The drink is particularly cheerful, a siren of the seas that ccompagnarono Ulysses in the long journey to Ithaca. We enchant again from his lively, almost spicy, mellow scent ever, weak-willed. The steel vats where fermentation takes place and subsequent aging can confer and enhance that vivid autumn season, even fruit: citrus tracing is unmistakable. The hills where the screws are resting during winter time, suggest a very well established and diverse olfactory fan; so the aleatico, here called vernaccia di pergola, manages to excite up to go for jaunty culinary combinations. We could not resist the goodness of a cheese and pepper, simple but from sheer "friccicore" local pecorino cheese and spices mixed with curd. That bit of pleasant spiciness combined with the flavor of a homemade wine very captivating and young man has conquered: and so it was, for us, Ithaca. http://www.terracruda.it/codazzo-pergola-doc-rosato/

Chakraborty-Doc-Terracruda [/caption] Name Bower taster Temperature 10° C room temperature Pinch wine 22° C Category wine                                   Vintage Rosé Wine Alcoholic Name date 08.10.2017 Chakraborty 11.5% 2016 Pergola D OC

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Colour Rosé with shades of cherry red
Consistency/Effervescence ABB. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intensity quite intense
Complex Complexity
Quality fine enough
Description fruity, floral, spicy (soft red fruits notes with delicate intricacies of citrus and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: pomegranate, Tangerine, blood orange, wild berry, Peony, violet, fresh violets, light salinity).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body   cool enough Acids  
Alcohols hot enough                                Tannins
Polyols soft enough ABB. tangy mineral substances
Balanced Balance
Intensity quite intense
Persistence persistent enough
Quality fine enough
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Suggest pairings match this wine with a main course of meat moderately structured or a plate of baked fish that do not have strong spice and with average PAI
Score 84

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