The real wine entrepreneur, his experience

Back in Salento, a wine entrepreneur particularly accustomed to positivity, elegance, and style. His enthusiasm is an example. You perceive his optimism since the beginning of our conversation. A young businessman, Vito Marulli, with a great desire to do with where he was born a beautiful friendship. The label of the same name where is tasting Capuccini primitive vineyards. The wine has a particularly solid structure. Since the serving and perceives a body very well structured. Its texture combined with a vivid Ruby Red and full give way to a soft, velvety with emotions, olfactory sensitive and complex. The notes of spice and toasted almost foam or wax lacquer are obvious and surprising. Olfactory sensory tracts of moist, wet underbrush, grasses are accompanied in the streets retronasal more sensitive. Coupled with a thread of chianina, the wine doesn't mask his safety; on the contrary, its tip covertly sweet, typical of the vine from Puglia, binds well to cooking to the blood of our dish. Alcohol and softness antagonize succulence and greasiness of the dish. A young, however reactive, leaning toward long aging in bottle. Besides, you know, the primitive is a vine that returns long-lived wines. Salento IGT Wines Wine Temperature room temperature Pinch taster Name Marulli 16° C 22° C Category Red wine Vintage Alcoholic Wine Name Date 05.10.2017 Campbell 14.5%                                     2015 Primitivo Salento IGP  

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Ruby red with Garnet reflections
Consistency/Effervescence ABB. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intensity Quite Intense
Complex Complexity
Fine quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, Toasted, Ethereal (soft red fruits notes and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: black cherry, wild berries, strawberries, cherries, cloves, Peony, violets, violets, Underwood, moist, black pepper, lacquer leather, wax, foam).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body  cool enough Acids  
Alcohols hot enough Quite tannic Tannins
Sugar Alcohol Soft ABB. tangy mineral substances
Balance Quite Balanced
Intensity quite intense
Persistence persistent
Fine quality
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmonic harmony
Suggest pairings match this wine with a main course of meat particularly structured structured with great doses of spice varied.
Score 87

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