Epigraph Samnite della terra degli osci

Safinim was the country of the sanniti, the indigenous people of the South of Italy that settled in the mountainous area of Campania to the modern region of Molise. The coins of the time had the same words. A clear sign that the people who trod these lands had given ample luster to its traditions, habits and customs. An old inscription discovered in the 19th century, and today preserved at the archaeological museum in Naples, proposes this word on travertine; uncertain are the origins of this word so beloved by the Osci, however we are able to associate the meaning to a label of a Wine Grape family, winemakers of Larino, wine is a Rosé willing taste. Its persistence is commensurate with the rosé wine. The fruitiness is nice especially if served with white meat with veiled spice. To taste a great variety of moderately warm flavors that awakens to the memory of those days spent with his family to collect red mulberries, blackberries, strawberries. This wine inspires walks through the tratturi molisani, when the chatter of grandparents accompanied the fuss of children chasing a wastrel. The clock is ticking, but traditions remain as the coveted land in an epigraph written degli osci.

http://www.cantineduva.it/Safinim-Terre degli Osci IGT-Grape Wineries wine Temperature room temperature Pinch taster Name 12° C 22° C Cate goria wine 08.10.2017 Wine Alcoholic Name Vintage Rosé Safinim Date 13%                                               2015 Terre degli Osci IGT  

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Cherry pink
Consistency/Effervescence ABB. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intensity quite intense
Complexity Quite Complex
Central quality End
Description fruity, Florealeo (soft red fruits notes and intense notes of flowers of pleasant persistence: raspberry, Blueberry, pomegranate, veiled hints of cherry, wild rose, violets, Peony, violet).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body   Fig. fresh fatty acids  
Abb alcohols. Broth  Quite tannic Tannins
Polyols soft enough ABB. tangy mineral substances
Balance Quite Balanced
Intensity Quite Intense
Abb persistence. Persistent
Quality Fine enough
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmonic Harmony
Food pairing Advice to match this wine with a medium structured preparation of fish or white meat.  
Score 81

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