A wine "harmonious" di Camporeale

A Bourbon Prince of Camporeale the Bourbons understood well that the land of Sicily was breeding ground for entrepreneurs, workers, lands rich in raw materials like grapes. Since the first historical settlements of this family in our Italian island, we wanted to bring prestige to this Earth trying to enforce his ambition, quality and most vibrant inclinations. The cricket native vine, also used for the production of more noble Marsala, is a versatile and stylish, eclectic in its winemaking. Bubbly for his qualities as a native Sicilian valorise tipicality territorial. Harmonious (the label for tasting) is nothing short of an understatement for a wine that has all the characteristics of the fresh wines of Sicily. A drink addictive, captivating, bewitching. Each SWIG generates desire to continue drinking. The color is pale yellow crystalline, almost brilliant especially. The nose is a veritable potpourri of aromas typical of this corner of Sicily. The alluvial soils of the Middle Hill in the province of Palermo (circa 400 m above sea level) allow the grapes (before), and wine (after) to deliver a soothing complexity of olfactory notes. The combination is almost a foregone conclusion: a plate of raw fish at the end of summer. An idyllic marriage for both food and wine (in our case oysters) which seem to be called to one another in this addictive combination to our palate. As well as Camporeale (and its inhabitants) are devoted to Saint Anthony of Padua, so the family is devoted of her Cricket: genuine workhorse for exceptional meals at the end of the season. www.marinovini.com

Harmonious Wines Marino Sicilian Lands IGT name taster Temperature 9° C room temperature Pinch wine 24° C Category wine                                   Vintage White Wine Alcoholic Name 18.09.2017 date 13% 2016 Harmonious Gri llo Sicilian Lands IGT

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Pale yellow
Consistency/Effervescence ABB. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intense Intensity
Complex Complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy, mineral, saline (soft white-fleshed fruit notes with predominant hints of citrus and intense notes of pleasant flowers persistence: white peach, Tangerine, lemon, Green Apple, jasmine, Lily, gorse, hornbeam White, fresh almonds, fresh hazelnuts, lightly saline with an accentuated flavour).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body    fresh fatty acids  
Abb alcohols. broth   —-                               Tannini
Polyols ABB. Soft tangy mineral substances
Balance Quite Balanced
Intense Intensity
Persistence Persistent Enough
Fine Quality
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmonic Harmony
Food pairing Advice to match this wine with a preparation of fish. The citrus notes and saline particularly accentuated allow you to pair your dish prepared entrees that raw fish. The dish together was a dish of raw fish (mainly crustaceans and molluscs)
Score 89

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