Mac Archetype, ancient indigenous people of Puglia

Maresco as the myth of Atlantis Plato explained his political views by referring to a legendary island, Atlantis, sunk to the work of the gods in the depths. His people were grim and warlike. Its physical location was strategic: in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Itria Valley, fertile alluvial plain, once towering reservoir, appears to have given birth to this unusual and uncommon grape. The Maresco as Atlantis makes its appearance here to discern about fasti cocktails. This area, crossroads of the largest tenants of past centuries, has re-evaluated the vine. Are still a few companies that make wine and rare, those who do it. The Brut nature for tasting is produced by fermentation in autoclave and aging in stainless steel tanks. Due to its characteristics the grape gives the wine a penetrating acidity and pungent. This feature of pungency gives the wine an interesting spiciness. We paired the wine to an Octopus preparation consumed as an appetizer. Its freshness almost "spicy" manages to give a youthful touch to this ancient vine. Atlantis and Maresco have something in common: their myth tells the story of a land that was simply a pretext, a crossroads of historical incidents. Today, as then, the throwback in wine, is the subject of extensive discussions within the sector.

Mac-Cava Brut Nature Vintage-the archetypal name taster Temperature 7° C room temperature Pinch wine 25° C Category wine sparkling wine 31.07.2017 Wine Alcoholic Name Date Vintage Mac Brut Nature 12% 2016 Salento IGP Vintage

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Golden yellow
Consistency/Effervescence grit: numerous, persistent and fine
SNIFF TEST Intensity quite intense
Complex Complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy (soft notes of white fruits and intense notes of flowers of pleasing delicacy: peach, apricot, jasmine, broom, spicing of white pepper/pink with a veiled minerality).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body   fresh fatty acids  
Alcohols hot enough   —-                               Tannini
Polyols soft enough quite tasty minerals
Abb Balanced equilibrium
Intensity Quite Intense
Persistence persistent enough
Fine Quality
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmony quite Harmonious
Food pairing Advice to match this wine with a preparation of fish. The spicy notes are pleasant to the taste. Captivating and cheeky especially if the wine is drunk in warm periods of the year.
83 score

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