Il coraggio di Luca

The "fortitudo" a son of art that courage is a virtue innate and rare, this was already well-known in ancient Greece, when the philosophers wondered the origins of behaviors that characterize it. Plato, through the mouth of her Laches, wondered whether "to be braver a man that knows he can lose, rather than a man who remained firm was sure of his victory"; the work does not lead to a conclusion, but leaves the reader to reflect on the essence of this virtue. Our Laches, Warrior of peace is our winemaker. He, fortified by experience and by its roots immersed in the wine world since childhood, has started a project of his own: le vigne di Luca. Today we tasted his Rosé. The main perception emerges from the first Visual impact, and then taste and olfactory-smell is its liqueur essence. It is a Rosé from 15.5% wholly produced and bottled in its company. The maturation of the grapes and the cut of the grapes have engraved on the characteristics of the finished product. An important sugar content has resulted in alcohol played particularly high for a rosé wine. In its originality, the olfactory range typical of the vine primitivo is somewhat conditioned. However, we appreciate its character as the Laches, Warrior of peace.

Primitivo Rosato-Salento IGP-Le vigne di Luca


Wine Temperature room temperature Pinch taster name 14° C 26° C Category wine Rosé Wine Vintage Primitive Alcoholic Name Date 20.07.2017 15.5% 2016 Rosé Salento IGP  

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Cherry pink colour with evident and marked reflections Claret
Consistency/Effervescence fairly consistent
SNIFF TEST Intensity quite intense
Complexity quite complex
Quality fine enough
Description fruity, floral, (notes of ripe red fruits and Red petal Flower: wild strawberries, berries, rose pink).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body    Fig. fresh fatty acids  
Alcohols hot enough                                         Tannins
Polyols soft enough Fig. tangy mineral substances
Balance quite balanced
Entenso enough intensity
Persistence persistent enough
Quality fine enough
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmony quite harmonious
Suggest pairings match this wine with a plate of white meat, not laid out.
Score 76


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