Rose wine to celebrate the signing

A classic method of Aglianico Back in the vulture area, more exactly in Rionero in Vulture (PZ). We are in the Cantine del Notaio (it can be seen from the note consonance with label names). Dr. Giuratrabocchetti, distinguished guest of our review, chronicles the production of this wine, from the hand-picking of grapes to the Assembly with the same vintage cuvee, preceded by a brief passage in barrels. In the homeland of aglianico there is a romantic wine for gourmets: a brut millesimato of 2011 for tasting. Pairing is a classic of the genre: a sea bass baked in foil with parsley and lemon to prevent the drying of meat during cooking. The wine has a pink old (Dim) slightly out of scale according to conventional standards. The olfactory impact is typical of the classic method: crusty bread and fresh yeast given off by a dense foam during pouring, followed by a fine grained, persistent and numerous regarding the sparkle. Olfactive complexity is surrounded, from this short-but useful-step in barrels. Acidity and flavor are okay; the rosé wine makes the curious olfactory perception: the vine leaves a hint of spiciness that even an untrained palate perceives easily. It's a bottle of 2011, after almost 6 years since harvest manages to tell a few more its potential. In one of the cities of Italy where mark the Evangelist is the patron and where the same is also casually protector of notaries, we couldn't do better experience in a cellar where respect and devotion to tradition is a milestone for a production of Lucania and the South elected in Italy. the stipulation-Brut classical method-Cantine del Notaio name taster Temperature 7° C room temperature wine Pinch 28° C Category wine Vintage White Wine Alcoholic 18.07.2017 Name Date Signed 13% Rosé Brut classical Method 2011 Vintage  

Very pale pink discharge
Consistency/large and persistent Perlage Effervescence
SNIFF TEST Abb intensity. Intense
Complex Complexity
Quality ABB. End
Description fragrant, fruity, floral, (hints of freshly baked crusty bread, fresh fruits and flowers at petal rose: wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body    Fig. fresh fatty acids  
Alcohols ABB. hot   —-                               Tannini
Polyols ABB. Soft Fig. tangy mineral substances
Balanced balance
Intensity Quite Intense
Persistence persistent enough
Quality Fine enough
Remark: this wine is of 2011. We believe that it should be opened with 1 or 2 years in advance.
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmony ABB. Harmonious
Suggest pairings match this wine with an aperitif with finger foods including fish or a fish like that on average structured preparation described in the article.
Score 81

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