ARIS: the Sun, the sea, the land of Calabria

The passion and dedication in the work: Sergio Arcuri Serge was a volcanic man. He evokes passion and enthusiasm: it's a very engaging person. Lover of life, of living and, no doubt, even of knowing how to drink.  Its wines reflect his soul: truthful, forthright. Today we open Aris. The wine is the product of the harvest of 2015. You have to oxygenate it a bit before you start tasting. Why the bluntness of this wine is predominant. The gaglioppo grape leaves a trace of smell full, heterogeneous; its multiple facets are felt during this waiting phase. We paired the wine at a BBQ joint. Pork, usually spiced with a good marbling and maturation of about 20 days. Considering the characteristics of the wine, we played it safe. The wine is produced by the organic production process. The lands of Cirò (Kr), home of Gaglioppo, along with Melissa Doc, give the wine the proper salinity. The hills of Cirò greater help to give the wine a olfactory fan complex. We can only wish Sergio to continue working in this manner. He helps to emphasize the importance of Made In Italy and it is right to give him credit for his efforts.

ARIS-Cirò Doc Wineries Sergio Arcuri name taster Temperature 18° C room temperature Pinch wine 25° C Category wine Red Wine Vintage Alcoholic Name Date 14.06.2017 Aris 14% 2015 Red Cirò Doc Classico Superiore

VISUAL EXAMINATION Crystal Clear Clarity
Ruby red with Garnet reflections
Consistency/Effervescence Abb. Consistent
SNIFF TEST Intense Intensity
Complex Complexity
Fine Quality
Description fruity, floral, spicy (soft and intense notes of flowers and ripe fruits: cherries, black cherries, berries, red rose, violet, sandalwood, leather).
OLFACTORY TASTE TEST Dry Sugar structure or body    ABB. fresh Acids  
Hot alcohols    Tannic Tannins
Polyols abb Soft ABB. tangy mineral substances
Abb Balanced equilibrium
Intense intensity
Persistence Persistent
Fine Quality
FINAL CONSIDERATIONS Evolutionary State Ready
Harmonic Harmony
Food pairing Advice to match this wine with a preparation particularly structured, as a main course of red meat with a spiciness. The bottle tasted was opened about 1 hour before our tasting. Probably wine, if aged longer in the bottle would have received a higher score.
Score 90

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